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Penn Lines

Please visit the Penn Lines magazine's local cooperative pages listed below.  Keep up to date with New Enterprise REC news, policy changes and view other informative articles and inserts.

The pages are provided in ( .pdf ) or portable document format for easy viewing. This requires a free downloadable version of Adobe® Acrobat Reader, if your computer does not already come installed with the reader. Click on the link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see where to select the free version for downloading. If you have any questions contact us at


August 2018 80 years of the cooperative difference, Attention landlords, A new way to make your payment, Dorm room "Electric safety 101", What is allowed on an electric pole, Residential generators
July 2018 Doing the Electric Shift, Changes to disconnection policy for nonpayment, Safety after the storn, Generator Safety
June 2018 The future of lighting is here, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income, Changes to disconnect policy for non-payment, Be safe near water
May 2018 Annual Meeting Notice, Talk about electrical safety with your children, 2018 Youth Tour students, Kidzcorner:  well-dressed lineworker
April 2018 The power behind your power, Students shadow relatives on the job, Changes to disconnect for non-payment policy, Safe digging, Choose right tree for the right place
March 2018 Interested in a seat on your co-op board, Easy steps to greater efficiency, Reporting an outage, Disconnection to resume, Value of electricity continues to shine, Improve your air conditioner's efficiency
February 2018 Annual Meeting, Worlds most expensive dirt, Electrical safety tips for kids, Ground fault circuit interrupters, Electrical facts and myths, Past-due accounts
January 2018 New Year New Faces, Move over, LIHEAP helps pay electric or heating fuel bills, Did you know, Electrical inspection agencies, PA sales tax
December 2017 Time does fly, Use SmartHub to get year-end reports, Gift certificates, Food drive, Family in Need, Capital credits, Lookout for scams
November 2017 Thank you and so long; Fabric of faith; LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program); Food drive; Kidzcorner:  Attention high school juniors
October 2017 Our history, our future; Giving is not just about making a donation; Get a jump on drafty windows; Kidzcorner:  Electricity questions and answers
September 2017 YOU get the credit, Capital credits, Back to school electrical safety tips
August 2017 Electricity theft:  not worth the risk, Why was the power out, Use caution around electric meters and equipment, Powering up
July 2017 Appreciating electricity, Attention:  Landords, Make room for roadside crew, High bill complaints, Member satisfaction survey
June 2017 Doing the electric shift, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income, PA One-Call, Generator safety
May 2017 Annual Meeting Notice, Efficient safe laundry, Home safe home, How to clean your refrigerator coils, 2017 Youth Tour
April 2017 Lives on the line, Rescue dogs teach courage, forgiveness, love; Kidzcorner:  What the well-dressed lineman is wearing
March 2017 Interested in a seat on your co-op board, Easy steps to greater efficiency, Disconnection to resume
February 2017 What You're missing at the Annual Meeting, Did You Know....., Electrical Inspection Agencies, PA Sales Tax, Power Line Safety Tips
January 2017 Eyes on the Road, Engineering Today for a Brighter Tomorrow, Beware of Silent Killer this Winter, KidzKorner:  2017 Youth Tour Info
December 2016 Membership has its Priviliges, Update Web Browser for Smarthub, Co-op Connection Card, Space Heaters, Capital Credits
November 2016 Prepare for Potential Outages, LIHEAP, Gift Certificate, Food Drive Underway, Family In Need, Safe Hunting, KidzKorner:  Attention High School Juniors.
October 2016 Priniciples in Action, And the Lights Came On..., KidzKorner:  Unplug the Electronics
September 2016 In Remembrance, Convenience in Paying your Electric Bill, Past-Due Accounts, Woodpecker Damage, Safety Tips, Hows to Report an Outage, KidzKorner:  Sorting things out.
August 2016 Save with Co-op Connection Card, Capital Credits, Youth Tour
July 2016 You are a Member, Advantages of the Co-op Connection Card, Be Leery of Third-Party Payment Sites, Electric Pole Safety, What to do when the Lights go Out, KidzKorner:  Caution near Co-op Equipment.
June 2016 Doing the "Electric Shift", Tip of the Month, Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Members' Equity, Dry out with a dehumidifier, Driving blindfolded on the highway.
May 2016 Changes to Annual Meeting, Home Safe Home, Know How to Survive Auto Accidents Involving Power Lines, Tree Planting & Maintenance, 2016 Youth Tour, KidzKorner:  Truth about Electric Shock
April 2016 Critical Conditions Behind the Power, Start Now to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency, April is National Safe Digging Month, Online Banking Payments, Budget Billing, Auto Pay Program Provides Convenience, Kidz Korner:  What the Well Dressed Lineman is Wearing
March 2016 Interested in a Seat on Your Co-op Board?, Northern Bedford Dance-a-thon, One Adopted Family Announced, Our Directors Make a Difference, Kidz Korner:  Static Electricity Facts
February 2016 Get to Know Your Co-op Network, Memory Lives on in Buddy's Food Bank, Top Five Energy Users in Your Home, What to do During an Outage, Storm Safety Kit, Home Wiring Over the Hill?  Consider Easy Upgrades to Boost Safety, Kidz Korner:  Lear Year
January 2016 The Power of Common Sense, Keep Your Air Filters Clean, Collections of Past Due Balances Doesn't Stop During Winter, Using Electricity Safely Around Broken Poles, Energy Tip of the Month, Together We Can Save, Kidz Korner:  NEREC Looking for the Next Generation of Leaders.
December 2015 What Would Life be Like Without Electric Co-ops?, Keep Your Information Safe Online, Collections of Past Due Balances Doesn't Stop During Winter, LIHEAP, Family in Need Fund, Kidz Korner:  Attention High School Juniors

November 2015

Why We Plan Outages, Space Heaters, Gift Certificates, New Enterprise REC Urges Safe Hunting, What's on the Electric Pole, Honoring Veterans, Dean Brant Retires

October 2015

A glance at how the year is going, Mills Along Potter Creek, Hit and Run Accidents, Membership Matters, Kidz Korner

September 2015

A Cooperative Day in YOUR Life, Huntingdon and Broad Top Rail Trail Near Completion, Advantage Savings With Your Co-op Connections Card, Check Out Our New Website Design, KidzCorner: Energy Around the World

August 2015

 Principle + Values = Cooperatives, Capital Credit Unclaimed Listing, Stay Safe in Dorms, A Change for the Better, New Enterprise REC's Youth Tour

July 2015                                                    

 The Power of American Independence, Vacation kWh Use, Ways to Save Money on your Electric Bill, Services Offered, Kidzcorner:  Thunder and Lightning

June 2015

 Doing the "Electric Shift", Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Members' Equity, When To Pull The Plug, Kidcorner:  You can make a difference.

May 2015

 Annual Meeting Notice, Happy Anniversary, Tree Planting and Maintenance, 2015 Youth Tour, Home Safe Home

April 2015                              

The Value of Electric Cooperatives, Those Who Keep the Lights On, Enjoy a Safe Start to Spring, Kidzcorner: Well-Dressed Lineman
March 2015 Interested in a Seat on Your Co-op Board, Make Safety Your First Priority, Important Information on Past-due Accounts, Disconnect to Resume, Kidzcorner: Energy Efficiency Word Scramble

February 2015

Democracy at the Co-op, Keep Poles Obstacle-Free, Did You Know..., PA Sales Tax, Important Safety Tips, Kidzcorner - Electricity and You
January 2015 Skin In The Game, Collection on Past-due Accounts, Capital Credit Questions, Critical Care List, Kidzcorner: Youth Tour
December 2014 Green Gift-Giving Guide, Don't Take Merry out of Your Christmas, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Gift Certificates, Bundle Up for Winter Storms
November 2014 Learning the Cooperative Principles, The Importance of Generator Safety, Smarthub App, Gift Certificates, LIHEAP, Kidzcorner: Showing Kindness
October 2014 Principles in Action, The Cowboy Co-op, Draft Dodgers - weather stripping your home, Kidzcorner: Where Do Leaf Colors Come From
September 2014 Electricity Remains a Good Value, Huntingdon Broad Top Rails to Trails Phase II, How to Report an Outage, Kidzcorner: Life Without Electricity
August 2014 Teach Your Children Well About Electrical Safety, Capital Credits, Youth Tour 2014
July 2014 Your Money Stays at Home, Smarthub is Here, Advantage Savings with Co-op Connection Card, Ellis Sollenberger Retires from the Board, Kidzcorner: Electricity Facts
June 2014 Doing the Electric Shift, Balance Sheet and Statement of Income & Members Equity, New Phone System, Electricity Remains of Good Value, Kidzcorner:
May 2014 Annual Meeting Notice, Power of Membership, What is Tamper-Resistant Receptacles, Landlord Notice, Kidzcorner: Stay Safe with Electricity, 2014 Youth Tour Student
April 2014 Weather Watching, Have You Thanked A Lineman Lately, Home Energy Efficiency Tips, Surge Protection Available, Kidzcorner: "I Spy" energy wasters
March 2014 Interested in a Seat on your Co-op Board, Important Info on Past Due Accounts, Establish an Account, Dining in the Dark, Give Blood Save Lives
February 2014 Safe, Affordable and Reliable Energy, Warning - Don't Bake all Bulbs, Earn Cash with Co-op Connection Card, How to Pay Your Bill, Kidzcorner: Plugged in Kids
January 2014 Concern for Community, Winter Storms and How to Prepare for Them, Bills Bills and more Bills, Meet LCD Lucy, Kidzcorner: Youth Tour
December 2013 Powering Our Communities, Kids Today, LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program), Gift Certificates
November 2013 Why I'm Thankful for My Co-op, Nellie's Story, Take the Chill Out of Winter Bills, Kidzcorner: Thanksgiving Word Search
October 2013 The Cooperative Difference; Generator Safety; Year 1938; Kidzcorner: Halloween Party Games
September 2013 Enduring a Culture of Safety, Life Before Electricity, Harvesting Efficiency, Kidzcorner: Family Tree
August 2013 Loyal Connections, Installing Flagpole, Auditng Energy, Family in Need, Kidzcorner: Youth Tour 2013
July 2013 Celebrating Co-op Independence, Capital Credits, Stay Safe in Car Accidents with Power Poles, Tired of Mailing Payments
June 2013 Doing the Electric Shift, Balance Sheet and Statement of Income, Kidzcorner: Drive In
May 2013 Annual Meeting Notice, Youth Tour, Stop Energy Drains this Summer, How to Test GFCI, Kidzcorner: Puzzle
April 2013 Harnessing Renewable Energy, Five Ways to Spring into Energy Efficiency, Payment Options, Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig, Kidzcorner: Spring Puzzle
March 2013 Interested in a Seat on Your Co-op Board?, Making Farm Life Better, Security Deposit Policy, Kidzcorner: Peanut Month
February 2013 Love on the Line, And the Lights Came On...Part 2, Safe Use of Electric Heating Products, Kidzcorner: Valentine Treat
January 2013 Reliability Commitment Continues, And the Lights Came On...Part 1, Stay Warm and Save Energy, Kidzcorner: Youth Tour
December 2012 Keeping Warm Without Going Broke, LIHEAP, Gift Certificate, Co-op Connection Card, Kidzcorner: Holiday Gift Receipe
November 2012 The Journey Continues, Right-of-Way, Attention Landords, Services to Save Time and Money, Kidzcorner: Turkey Football
October 2012 Finding the Value of Electricity, Local Farming Co-op, Hit and Run, Kidzcorner: Pumpkin Trivia
September 2012 Saving Money is No Joke, Trails to Trails, Kidzcorner: 2012 Youth Tour
August 2012 Annual Meeting Information, Farm Audits Available, Back to School, Washing gets Efficiency Boost
July 2012 Together We Save, Bluegrass Festival, Capital Credits
June 2012 Doing the Electric Shift, Balance Sheet and Statement of Income, Kidzcorner: Ben Franklin
May 2012 Annual Meeting Notice, The 1920s, Youth Tour Participants, Call 8-1-1, Kidzcorner: Safety Demonstration
April 2012 Replacing Worn-Out Equipment, Truth about Tankless Water Heaters, Early Spring Spells Trouble, Kidzcorner: Well-Dressed Lineman
March 2012 Interested In A Seat on Your Co-op Board, Important Info on Past Due Accounts, Payment Methods, Year of Savings, Kidzcorner: 4-Leaf Clovers & Shamrocks
February 2012 Prepare for the Storm in Advance, Man's Best Friend, Autism, Power Out, New Savings for Co-op Connection Card
January 2012 Another Year Living Within Our Means, A Story Idea, Attention High School Juniors, Solar Power for Outages, Family In Need, Kidzcorner: Connect the Dots



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