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Concerned about high usage



Check the Meter


  • Turn you main breaker off
  • Check your electric meter for movement
  • The asterisks (****) or dots (....) at the bottom of the  meter should stop
  • The asterisks or dots may move for a very short time, but if they continue, call the office at (814) 766-3221 or (800) 270-3177


Check the Circuits


  • Leave the main breaker on
  • Watch the asterisks or dots at the bottom of the meter to see how fast they are moving
  • Turn off all individual breakers
  • The asterisks or dots should stop. If not there could be short in breaker box or an appliance without fuse/breaker protection.
  • Turn on one circuit breaker
  • Watch to see if the asterisks or dots how fast are moving
  • Turn that circuit breaker off and turn on another
  • Watch to see how fast the asterisks or dots are moving
  • Continue repeating steps until all individual circuit breakers have been checked
  • You are looking for a circuit that causes the asterisks or dots to move very fast compared to the other circuits. There could be a problem with an appliance or a connection on that circuit.


Other Common Found Problems:


  • Electric hot water tank: Heating element in the process of burning out causes excessive electric usage. Usually common in older hot water tanks.
  • Water pumps: Bare wire shorting out against the well pipe casing or shorting out when the water in the well rises to the bare wire.
  • Underground wiring problems: Sometimes improperly installed underground wiring to their barn, pump or garage. Due to our climate, rocks will move and puncture underground wiring and causes it to short out.
  • Appliances with heating elements: Such as frost free refrigerators and freezers that have heating elements to defrost ice will occasionally go bad and cause excess usage.



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