New Enterprise REC may be different from other utility companies you have dealt with in the past. We are a not-for-profit member owned rural electric cooperative. There are no stockholders. You as a consumer-member have a say in how this business is run and every June you are invited to the annual meeting. At this meeting, you have the opportunity to elect directors to serve on our seven-member Board of Directors, plus hear progress reports and future plans of the cooperative.   The co-op serves nearly 3,600 consumer-members in rural Bedford, Fulton and Huntingdon counties.

The employees and directors of New Enterprise Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc (REC) welcome you as a consumer-member. We take our responsibility of providing quality service to you very seriously. Our goal is to provide the most reliable service to you at the lowest possible cost.


So What is an Electric Cooperative?

New Enterprise REC is an electric cooperative owned by the people we serve. The co-op was incorporated in November 1938. Rural electric cooperatives were built by people living in rural America who wanted to have the same conveniences as their city neighbors. Investor owned utilities won't supply these folks with the wonder of electricity because there wasn't money in it. After all these years electric cooperatives are still locally owned and operated. More than 625 cooperatives in 45 states throughout the United States have formed an alliance called Touchstone Energy®.

Touchstone Energy provides added value to electric co-ops through a variety of resources. The brand was primarily designed to be a cost-efficient communications and advertising tool. With advertising budgets being very limited, communicating with consumer-members can be a challenge at times. Electric cooperatives have always joined together to help each other. Touchstone Energy cooperatives have joined together as a national network, pooling resources to deliver messages that show why we are different than investor owned utilities.


Bedford County:

Bloomfield Twp

Broad Top Twp

Hopewell Twp

Liberty Twp

South Woodbury Twp

West Providence Twp

Woodbury Boro & Twp

Fulton County:

Wells Twp

Taylor Twp

Licking Creek Twp

Huntingdon County

Clay Twp

Wood Twp